Dover Greens (fka Olivet Management) is a real estate development and management company working to restore a two-decades-abandoned 1,000 acres and 1.77 million square foot property in Dover, NY into Dover Tech Park, an educational campus and a hub serving a global Christian community towards a hopeful future.

Dover Greens is part of the Olivet System – the organizing framework that describes the network of free-standing institutions and functions that have emerged over the last several years from “Olivet University” — the institution of Biblical higher education accredited by ABHE (the Association for Biblical Higher Education).

The Dover Greens property is nestled in a region with miles of natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and rivers that run through it. The project calls for adaptive reuse ensuring smaller environmental impacts and preservation of historical character. Dover Greens has begun the development and is excited to bring economic growth to the region and provide new job opportunities.

Our approach to development is led by a commitment to community relations, creating lasting value, and beautiful design. 

Dover Greens
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